About us

About us

We are your ultimate lawn and landscape company!

MBG Lawn and Landscape was founded in 2019. We felt that we could form a lawn and landscape company that would give the kind of service we expected from the service providers we contracted with. We wanted to be above the normal expectations that you have come to expect from your service providers. And that is what we did!


With over 30+ years of combined experience, we have the knowledge, the ability and the desire to perform Grade A+ work for our clients.


Our managers and horticulturists strive to keep up-to-date with all the latest technological innovations and are involved in the needs of every client. We want your lawn to look it’s best year-round.


Our company is licensed and insured and is a member of the Home Builders Association, local networking groups. We closely follow the LSU AgCenter articles and any available training we can attend to always stay on the cutting edge of the lawn and landscape industry.


…because we care. We care about your needs and expectations from the initial phone call and through every single service we provide to you. We work to earn your trust and respect. Our lawn and landscape crews are professionals and take pride in their work and will never leave a job unfinished or unsatisfactory. Your curb appeal is important to you but also important to us.